Little Angels Foundation Health and Wellbeing Clinic

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Health & Wellbeing Clinic based at 208 Picton Road.

We have the best and most passionate Therapist and Medical Professionals on board. Please pop in for a visit, chat, tea, a free consultation, or just for some Tender Loving Care (TLC) Moment. Great offers are available for everyone. Click Here in order to access all the information you may need to pop in or refer someone.

Our Mission is to enable all individuals and communities to access affordable and high quality healthcare and wellbeing services, providing the tools and support for living a healthy, fulfilling life.

Maybe you work in services caring for others or are just a busy mother short of finances and time.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur and need to release the tensions that are accumulated throughout the busy work week.

Maybe you are elderly and would relish some Tender Loving Care (TLC).

Whoever you are… We are here to assist you thrive in Optimal Health and Wellbeing!

We intend to help as many people as possible with their physical and emotional health & well being.

We aim to deliver our services to the people who need it most in the community we are based in, and in Liverpool as a whole.

We will deliver first class and high quality professional services by highly passionate, experienced and trained professionals.