About Us

Little Angels Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organization Registered in England and Wales with the following charitable purposes:

The advancement of education and the relief of poverty and distress of the children, young people at or attending the Little Angels Foundation Orphanage Cameroon and to extend relief in need by the provision of services to destitute, women, families and the unemployed in the surrounding community.

To preserve and protect the health of individuals in the UK and overseas through the provision of counselling and support not normally provided by the statutory authorities.

The objec­tives of Lit­tle Angels Foun­da­tion are as follows:

• To pro­vide temporal/permanent shel­ter for dis­ad­van­taged children/ orphans
• To improve the health & well­be­ing of chil­dren and the dis­ad­van­taged
• Pro­vide finan­cial sup­port for edu­ca­tion advance­ment of dis­ad­van­taged chil­dren.
• Pro­vide Edu­ca­tion and Health Infra­struc­tures
• Pro­vide coun­selling, coaching and mentoring  to dis­tressed chil­dren, youths, and fam­i­lies
• Pro­vide a voca­tional train­ing cen­tre /college

At Little Angels Foundation, helping orphans and transforming their lives are our priority.

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